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Dear Friends, In this section of my website, I will be posting pieces I’ve written since the publication of Let Me Remember This. Eventually they will find their way into another book: And This Too. Much of that content is already complete, but, over time, I will add these latest essays and observations so that […]

Maybe It’s Time to Move

Each of us lives in a haunted house. Ghosts are there, and demons too. They have been with us from the time we moved in. We know them. They followed us from where we were before, and although they are not a constant disturbance, they tend to lurk in search of the opportune moment to […]

Conversations Overheard in My Head

What are you doing? I’m waiting. Waiting for what? Waiting to be ready. Ready for what? For whatever I’m here to do. What do you think that is? When I’m ready, I’m sure that I’ll know. You could be waiting forever. These things take time. Are you waiting too? Not anymore. I got ready by […]

Can We See God?

In a word, no. Our human sight has a very limited range of visibility. But as devotees, we can begin to see God in other ways, merely by looking for Him in all that surrounds and permeates life as we know it: in things of beauty, in the people we love, even in the challenges […]

The Trouble with How We Love

It seems we were born to invent. For better or worse, it is what we do. And not just things, but stories, excuses, and schemes too. Thus, much of what we invent we would be better off without. Take the idea that love is selective, for instance. Who concocted that one? Our inventiveness apparently dates […]

Self-Talk for Two

Do you ever feel like a slave? You mean to my career, to my responsibilities? Yeah, sometimes. I mean, more like feeling bound to how you think, to what you want and are still trying to get. More like that. I’m okay with who I am, if that’s what you’re asking. Most of the time, […]

Do You Need a Guru?

In any field of practice, when we reach the limit of our expertise, warning signs appear. Do not overreach, they say, or things are going to get dicey. This applies to the spiritual path, just as it does to any endeavor that requires a progressive measure of proficiency. The climb to communion with God is […]

Random Thoughts to Reflect On

Goodbye is never the end. In the end, we begin again. Hello, goodbye, hello. * * * * * We may accidently make a foolish mistake, but we do not accidentally make it again. It becomes a choice. * * * * * Today’s version of you will awake tomorrow with a chance to do […]

The Trouble with How We Love

It seems we were born to invent. For better or worse, we incline to stretch, twist, and reshape much of what is before us, until what is there is the next advance on what had been before. Inventing is what we do. But often what we invent we would have been better without. New versions […]

It’s Not About Innovation

Every age is an age of wonder, but some are more wondrous than others, and the one that spans my current incarnation is beyond what I could have imagined in my youth. For over seventy years, I have witnessed astonishing scientific, technological and social innovations, which accelerate now at an exponential rate. And yet, we […]